Year 7’s Reach for the Sky!

photo 1 (2)On Saturday, 20 young people from New Line Learning Academy ventured off to 'Valkyrie' at The Hop Farm.

Valkyrie is an adrenaline filled high rope adventure course with high climbing and zip wiring activities - perfect for the youngsters to enjoy!

We started the day with a lively minibus journey pumping with music and full of excited young people ready to get their adrenaline junkie fix! The weather didn't look too great.....but this wasn't going to affect the group as they were just keen to get going with the activities.

First, the group were split into 'girls versus boys' teams; the girls headed off to have go at the climbing wall and the boys went off to do zip wiring. Each team pushed themselves to their limits, the boys enjoyed throwing themselves off of the zip wire and the girls worked well as a team. When the groups swapped around, the girls dug deep to find their inner courage to jump off of a platform and trust that the zip wire would hold them and send them flying to safety!

photo 4 (2)“The zip wire was awesome - I'd do that again” Bethany, 11.

Lunch was had together and stories of the first activities were shared, and even if the wind did pick up a bit, we were ready to go again for the next series of crazy activities.

The girls started the afternoon off with crate stacking; the chance to work as an effective team to build a high tower of crates with someone standing on the top of it.  The boys were preparing themselves to climb a pole and walk along a balance beam that was 30ft high! The groups decided to turn the balancing beam activity into a bit of a competition to see who was the bravest - was it going to be the girls or the boys?  It turned out that the girls were the bravest when it came to the balance tower and the boys were the best at building the tallest crate stack tower!

“I was particularly proud of Chelsea, as on her way up to start the balancing beam activity she shouted that she wanted to stop and come back down, but with encouragement from the girls she not only got on to the beam but she walked across it and even back again! This I felt was true bravery” Lucy, Positive Activities Coordinator.

“I felt like I was having a panic attack, but I done it and I am pleased I did” Chelsea,12.

photo 5 (2)We all finished the day with the 'leap of faith' - a tiny platform 30ft high to leap off and attempt to grab a trapeze bar - a challenge for the truly bravest people! Every one was fantastic at having a go at this! Although it was scary for some, it was great fun too! The group can't wait for the next adventure!

“I was particularly proud of Hayden. He was really scared about having a go at the leap of faith but was great at trying and went for it three times. He kept pushing himself to get further and further each time he had a go. A big well done to him for trying and pushing beyond his limits” Charlotte, YLF team.