Youngsters Hold YLF to Account

This month, YLF was held to account by its very own young people!

The group, who are currently receiving support from the charity, joined together for the very first meeting of 'YLF's Young People's Council'. The aim of this new council is to be a central voice of all those who are supported by YLF to help assist the Management Team and Board of Trustees to develop and enhance the services and standards of YLF in line with their ideas and concepts.

One of the first discussions during the meeting, was the top qualities and characteristics a member of the YLF team should possess. And here are some of their thoughtful suggestions:

IMG_1178EDITTrustworthy - Caring/Friendly - Respectful - Have Manners - Creative - Non-Judgemental - Want to Make a Difference - Good Team Worker - Approachable - Understanding - Take on board what you say - Dependable - Always there - On time - Contactable - Must love the job - Maintains Self-Control

These fantastic 'top qualities of YLF staff' will be designed into a poster and displayed at the YLF office and also used in line with appraisals, inductions and recruitment!

In addition to this, the group reviewed the 'Young People's Zone' on the YLF website and scored each page out of 10 in terms of design, content and usability. The group came up with some really creative ideas to introduce to the site and insisted on more pictures and fewer words!

IMG_6537EDITThe young people who attended the meeting all volunteered their time, so as a thank you, were treated to a game of bowling! The group rated the day a massive 10/10 (even before they went bowling!!).

"I've had a really good time and would love to come to the next meeting. It's a good thing that you listen to want we want!" said Jay.

A HUGE thank you to all the young people involved in the first group - we are look forward to the next meeting. Watch this space for the upcoming changes at YLF!