Volunteer ‘Hero Awards’

fullsizerenderAmongst the festive cheer and mince pies at last night’s volunteer Christmas gathering, four AMAZING volunteers received a ‘YLF Hero Award’!   

Young people and professionals were asked to nominate volunteers during volunteers' week this year. It is with great pleasure that YLF can announce the following volunteers were presented with their HERO award last night by YLF’s CEO...

Dennis James | Accompanying Adult of the Year 2016

The Accompanying Adult Service was awarded to YLF in 2015. The team has worked really hard supporting hundreds of unaccompanied minors who have been smuggled or trafficked into the UK. This group of young people are particularly vulnerable, many of whom have fled war torn countries and persecution in search of safety. It is with great pleasure that YLF awarded Dennis James as Accompanying Adult of the year in recognition of the sheer number of young people he has supported.  Dennis has assisted by supporting 25% of the overall demand for the service.

img_7219Judy Peal | Appropriate Adult Hero Award 2016

YLF provides appropriate adult provision across 7 custody suites from 0800 - 2300, 7 days a week. The service supports vulnerable adults and children ensuring they understand their rights whilst detained in custody. Judy has not only supported hundreds of vulnerable people across all custody suites but has also helped in the office this year ensuring the service delivers both practically and administratively.

Jane Knight | Independent Visitor Hero Award 2016

Independent Visitors provide stable, consistent support for children who are looked after by the local authority. The Independent Visitor is the only person in that young person’s life who isn’t paid to be there; they are there because they want to be. It is with great delight that Jane was nominated by her young person and received this award. Jane is due to retire from the service shortly and has touched the lives of many. Jane will continue to support her young person now he is an adult.

Denise Ramadan | Mentor Hero Award 2016

Mentors provide short term support to disadvantaged children. A mentor will work with a young person to achieve identified goals; these might be returning to education, increasing self-esteem, confidence, joining a club and being a positive role model ensuring young people make good choices in life. Denise has been a mentor for over 7 years and supported many children to achieve their full potential and receives this award in recognition for her dedication and commitment to young people.

Feedback from young people who nominated their volunteers include...

"For all he has done and for helping me get to where I am today."

"I keep my memories of the time I share with my independent visitor in a scrapbook."

"They never let me down."

"She is really reliable, listens to what I say and good fun."

"She has really helped me to understand more about myself."

"They are reliable and a massive support to the service."

Our volunteer workforce delivers the majority of YLF’s frontline work so is hugely valued by YLF. To find out more about getting involved and becoming a hero click here.

And view our NEW volunteering video below!