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Paddy’s Blog | Week 37 & 38

17/08/2015 – 28/08/2015 | By Paddy… “For two weeks I have been in India on a life changing experience! I have taught English in primary school and volunteered at aContinue reading »

Paddy’s Blog | Week 36

10/08/2015 | By Paddy… “The real countdown to India begins – not many days to go now!! I knew that this week was going to be a busy one doingContinue reading »

Paddy’s Blog | Week 35

03/08/2015 | By Paddy… “After taking some holiday from work and with a short week this week, I come in and I got straight on with catching up on emails. I alsoContinue reading »

Paddy’s Blog | Week 34

27/07/2015 | By Paddy… “This week I put an order in for some personalised T-shirts for the young people who are going to India. I had made a T-shirt designContinue reading »

Paddy’s Blog | Week 33

20/07/2015 | By Paddy… “I have been helping to write the India blog and sent out an email to all young people attending the India trip letting them know thatContinue reading »

Paddy’s Blog | Week 32

13/07/2015 | By Paddy… “I have started to get things ready for the CPB meeting at Cookham Wood Prison this week which Stephen, David and I are attending. Stephen and IContinue reading »

Paddy’s Blog | Week 31

06/07/2015 | By Paddy… “On Monday, Tracey my NVQ assessor emailed me saying that she will be doing a telephone assessment instead of coming to see me. Tracey explained to meContinue reading »

Paddy’s Blog | Week 30

29/06/2015 | By Paddy… “On Monday we had a DFE Ofsted meeting. Tiffany, Stephen and I went along to Gun Wharf and spoke about what has changed in the lastContinue reading »

Paddy’s Blog | Week 29

22/06/2015 | By Paddy… “Monday I come in and actioned my emails first. I then started on the CiCC data report for this quarter. I already had loads of the infoContinue reading »

Paddy’s Blog | Week 28

15/06/2015 | By Paddy… “This week is all about the CiCC Football Match against Social work Professionals! We are all looking forward to it! On Monday I had a delivery of theContinue reading »