Nessie | Day 2 highlights..

Jamie – the hike, it was tiring but great views and also Star falling in the bog!! And swimming! Kira – really enjoyed the hike! Ellesse – Steve falling overContinue reading »

Nessie | Assault course

The ‘Let’s Find Nessie’ gang braved the mad assault course, taking on the rope swings, tyre walls, water jumps, and the maddest tube see saw obstacle ever seen! Highlights includedContinue reading »

Nessie | Look out..

Loch Ness in the distance – that’s where we are now heading on our all terrain hike through The Scottish Wilderness!! Watch this space 🙂

Nessie | The Nessie pile up

Our 1st morning in Scotland, and we were greeted with glorious sunshine on a crisp spring morning. Our first night brought with it snoring and onesies to be proud of.Continue reading »

Nessie | We’ve landed!

Arrived safe n sound greeted by Scotland’s snow covered mountains.  Flying was a new experience for most. Ronnie says “That was unbelievable, taking off was better than landing, but theContinue reading »

Nessie | And they’re off!

So Easter Sunday has arrived and off to Scotland we go!! Wish us luck in finding Nessie!! 🙂

Nessie | 4 days to go

Well….The Nessie trip take off is getting closer and closer! Skiing Steve (YLF) still has very happy memories of when he visited Scottyland as a 13 year old, so hopesContinue reading »